‚ÄčAll of our refurbished probes carry a complete 1 year warranty against all defects, excluding physical damage. All probes use a very comfortable and durable hard clam shell design with wings to reduce the penetration of ambient light unless otherwise stated as soft shell. The soft shell or "boot" design is also available for most probes if requested.

BCI DB9 probe, 3' Adult fingerclip $60.00

Nellcor 7-pin, 3' Adult fingerclip $50.00

CSI Criticare DB9, 3' Adult fingerclip $85.00

CSI Lemo, 10' Adult fingerclip
Nellcor Oximax 9-pin, 3' Adult fingerclip
Nonin DB9, 3' Adult fingerclip
Datascope DB9, 3' Adult fingerclip
Novametrix Superbright, 10' Adult fingerclip
Datascope 8-pin, 10' Adult fingerclip
Ohmeda 7-pin, 10' Adult fingerclip
HP M1191A, 10' Adult Soft shell
Spacelabs 7-pin, 10' Adult fingerclip
HP M1190A, 10' Adult Soft shell
If you do not see the probe you are looking for please give us a call as we have most all manufacturers brands of probes available. Custom made lengths are also available for many brands

Hard Shell Clip
Soft Shell Boot