Summit Biomedical is a service based medical equipment company that is designed to support EMS, Homecare, Hospitals and Veterinary clinics. We offer a wide variety of repairs on different types of medical equipment including infusion pumps, syringe pumps, feeding pumps, and scd pumps.

Infusion Pumps
Abbott Lifecare 5000
Abbott Plum XL
Abbott Plum XL3
Abbott Plum A+

Alaris Imed - Gemini PC-1
Alaris Imed - Gemini PC-2
Alaris Imed - Gemini PC-2TX
Alaris Imed - Gemini PC-4
Alaris Ivac Medsystem III - 2860, 2863, 2865
Alaris Ivac Signature - Gold 7130 7230
Alaris Medley System

Baxter Travenol 6200
Baxter Travenol 6300
Baxter 6201 
Baxter 6301
Baxter Colleague CS
Baxter Colleague 3CS 
Baxter Colleague CX
Baxter Colleague 3CX

B Braun Outlook
B Braun McGaw Horizon NXT
B Braun Vista Basic
We can repair most brands of pumps. If your pump is not listed in the list below please call for more information.  

Syringe Pumps
Abbott 4100 PCA+2
Bard/Baxter 150XL/300XL Mini Infuser
Baxter AS40A
Baxter AS50
Baxter/Bard PCAII
Baxter InfusOR
Medex Medfusion 3500
Medex Medfusion 2001
Medex Medfusion 2010
Medex Medfusion 2010i

SCD Pumps
Huntleigh AC550
Huntleigh AC600
Kendall 6325
Kendall 7325
Kendall AVI 6060